Welcome to our latest Renovation Project.  Our clients purchased this prestige property at auction, they saw that with some TLC they could restore this majestic property back to its former glory.  They also wanted to make some additions and alterations to ensure this beautiful property is transformed into the perfect home for their family.   Who doesn’t love a make over?  These are the photos that were used for marketing purposes prior to Auction.  You can see the property is an expansive six bedrooms, three bathrooms with a three bay garage on a circa 2000 sqm site.

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First steps, we meet with our clients and listen to them so we thoroughly understand what they want to achieve with their home and garner exactly how best we can partner them in realising their dreams.

We walk around the property getting an understanding of how they see themselves living in this home, what works for them and what does not, what they like and what they do not.  After our walk we have a list of what our clients are wanting:

  • The colour scheme is dated;
  • The grounds neglected;
  • Miscellaneous repairs are required;
  • The kitchen layout is not family friendly and it is also dated;
  • The bathrooms needed modernising;
  • Swimming pool with a pool house;
  • Additional garage and gymnasium;
  • Changing the external entertaining doors so the house is more open;
  • Additional outdoor entertainment around the proposed pool site;
  • Create more of a statement in the Entrance to the home.


We have an active network of both in-house tradespeople and trusted contractors that we work with. With an extensive project such as this one we know we have the right people to deliver quality expertise for our clients ensuring that we deliver excellence with this project.  Firstly, we require the services of a certifer to ensure we have all the necessary permits, secondly, we will required a structural engineer, and lastly, a design consultant to ensure the property had a unified vision, a prestige property such as this requires a style that is consistent through out the property and our clients needed some help.

So we have a scope of works and an agreed price, we have contract, we have our necessary permits, insurances and licences and finally we have a unified and clear end vision for both the property and the family.  Let the fun begin….